SRE and SSFL Health Studies from Chris Rowe

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SRE and SSFL Health Studies from Chris Rowe

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Dear CAG members,

I attended the SSFL Workgroup meeting a few weeks back. I sat about two seats from a reporter for the ACORN. I asked her to contact me before she wrote her story about that meeting - she did not.

One of her stories is here:

I contacted her, and she responded that I should write a letter to the editor. And I did. Unfortunately, Denise Dufffield's and Bill Bowling's comments are printed first.

Last night I read my responses printed here on Public Comment at the WHNC.

I know that you are working on the community health studies. I wanted to point out to you that unless you read the whole document - not just the summaries that DTSC and the DOE have put out, then you miss what I have taken from the Morgenstern study (2007) that is in that response.

"Finally, in the SSFL community health study by Dr. Hal Morgenstern of the University of Michigan, he states:
“The results from this study suggest little or no association between residential distance from SSFL and the incidence of total cancers or the group of (radiosensitive) malignancies thought to be affected by ionizing radiation.”
” Furthermore, we have no direct evidence that the associations we observed—even if they reflect real differences among the three regions—necessarily reflect the effects of environmental exposures originating  at SSFL.”

Chris Rowe