Gateway eating house the other day but it was flavorful

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Gateway eating house the other day but it was flavorful


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<p>Love this cute set!  I had bought it as part of my sister's San Diego chargers themed baby shower. The helmet is super adorable! My nephew will eventually grow into it. Such a bargain too!<br />   Olga Roman Rolon</p>
<p>Good enough price for shorts to wear at home. Will probably buy a couple more.  Should get softer after wash.<br />   Lisa O'Shea</p>
<p>Great CD - lots of fun to listen to. Great value - the music is the same as the new cast but a fraction of the cost.<br />   Rita Bilodeau-Hunt</p>
<p>I am 5'10" and 160 pounds, and the Large was way too small.  I liked the Jersey though, so I returned it and am buying an XL.<br />   Chan Woo Moon</p>
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